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John A. Styer
The Lathe-meister
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The Lathe Ledger
February, 2018 Edition

Dear Reader,

        Firmly entrenched in 2018, I succumb to the need of producing a new newsletter.  So here goes.  My schedule is light, because the year is still young.  But those who are in charge of shows have begun to evidence their relentlessness, and I have already been busy with the paperwork.  So far, my schedule looks like this:

Feb. 23-25 - Hockessin Art Show, Hockessin, DE
March 3-4 & 9-11 - Maryland Home & Garden Show, Timonium, MD
April 25 - Michael's 8th Ave., Glen Burnie, MD, 5-8
May 3-6 - Springfest, Ocean City, MD
Aug. 18-19 - Havre de Grace Art Show, Havre de Grace, MD
Sept. 1 - 111th Arden Fair, Arden DE
Sept. 9 - 45th Annual Catonsville Arts & Crafts Festival
Sept. 15-16 - Artsfest, Solomons, MD
Oct. 13-14 - 55th Annual Catoctin Colorfest, Thurmont, MD

        Some of these shows are listed "on speculation", meaning that, in all likelihood, there will be a show, and I'll be there.  (Between you and me, that's the 'voice of experience'.)  Most assuredly, my calendar will continue to fill in, and I'll let you know as it happens.
        The Hockessin Art Show opens Friday evening, Feb. 23 (5-8PM) with hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar.  They follow through on Saturday (10-5) and Sunday, (10-4) but with more of a business focus (you'll need to take care of your own food and drink matters).  As I've stated in previous years, this show allows me to provide three-dimension balance in a two-dimension art world.  Though there are a couple more three-dimension artisans, most have art for your walls, and exceptionally good art it is!  This is a benefit for the Wilmington & Western Railroad, which offers train rides during the show!
        The Maryland Home & Garden Show has been advertising heavily, so I expect it to be packed with people again this year.  The Craft Building, where I am located (up the hill, to the left of the main building), is not nearly as crowded, though management has seen the wisdom of allowing a vintner to grant wine tasting to "we of the refined taste".  My presumption is that you'll become more relaxed, in keeping with the necessity of discerning which piece(s) of turned wood art best fit(s) your palace.  You'll have the hours of 10 AM to 8 PM on March 3 and March 10, but only 10AM to 6 PM on March 4, and 9 and 11 in which to narrow your choices.  I'll help you.
        April 25 is a Business Networking International event, and if you happen to belong to BNI, you already know about it.  Otherwise check and they'll update you on this evening affair.
        May 3-6 is this year's Springfest in Ocean City, MD.  If you've never been to it, life experience demands that you go at least once.  Maybe this is your year.  It runs from 10 AM to 8 PM (6 PM on Sunday) and the weather promises to be, well, interesting.  There is so much to do (visit with me, for one!) that you won't have time to even consider the weather - it'll take care of itself, anyway.  They have a booth-decorating contest every year, and the same guy always wins it.  I suppose it's because he stays up nights with his single-mindedness.  As for me, I'll smile when you take my picture.  Who knows, maybe I'll win!
        The Havre de Grace Art Show is Aug. 18-19.  It's a nice, relaxing opportunity for you to take a walk in the park and peruse the arts.  There is also an expanded playground, so bring the kids and/or grandkids.  More than likely, I'll be under the shade of some tall trees - just part of the ambiance (and I usually bring some ambiance to spread on the ground of my booth, an easy way to dispose of wood chips).
        The Arden Fair just keeps rolling along, now in its 111th year.  This is another one of those "you've got to see it at least once" occasions.  It's Sept. 1, Labor Day Saturday (9AM-6PM).  If you'd like, bring a chair and just people-watch.  And browse among the dozens of artisans.
        The 45th Annual Catonsville (MD) Chamber of Commerce Arts & Crafts Festival is Sunday, September 9.  They take over all of Frederick Ave.  You cannot get lost if you go up one side and down the other.  And you won't miss me - I'm at space #93.  It's on a Sunday because Frederick Ave. has commerce on Saturdays.  (There are also a couple of churches, so no excuse!)
        Artsfest in Solomons is Sept. 15-16.  You won't experience a more delightful walk in the woods than here.  I'll be on the wooded path, for purposes of beauty and spaciousness.  But there are plenty of artisans jammed together on the tent circle, and a handful inside the main building, where it is air-conditioned, if you must.
        I've turned some new creations which won't last very long on the open market.  That's the honest truth, even if it does seem like a greedy ploy to persuade you to come to one of my 'early' shows.

John A, Styer, The Lathe-meister














Feb. 23-25 - Hockessin Art Show, Hockessin, DE

March 3-4 & 9-11 - Maryland Home & Garden Show, Timonium, MD

April 25 - Michael's 8th Ave., Glen Burnie, MD, 5-8

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